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Leapbeer Review #277 & #278 Spiced Rum Cask & Winter Treacle Porter by Innis and Gunn

Today I’ve got a pair of new limited Innis & Gunn beers for the blog. I was pleased to hear that I&G is doing more seasonal releases. More new nicely crafted beers is good news to the craft loving community. I received one each of their next two bottles, one of the Spiced Rum Finish and one of the Winter Treacle Porter. Both of these beers should be available at discerning private liquor stores. You can find them on their own, and in the case of the Winter Treacle Porter, in a gift box containing two other beers and a branded stemmed glass similar to the one I use for all I&G reviews. I’ve always been a sucker for free glassware or gift packs when I go shopping at liquor stores, and I’ve gone through more than one of these stemmed glasses.

First up for me was the Spiced Rum Finish beer. For the record I am a big fan of rum. I went on a trip a while back to an island that specializes in making it, and ever since then I’ve been in love with the stuff. Like other sweeter liquors it can have a tendency to overly sweeten a drink, unless the sweetness can be off set by an additional ingredient. In this case they use a spiced rum cask imparting a bit of the sweetness of the rum and spice from the additives in it. This is a lovely light brown beer with a light tan head. The carbonation seems to be fairly standard to it with rather large bubbles. There is a lovely spicey scent to this beer, with a nice hit of that boozey smell. I pick up a nice sweet rum character to it as well as a bit of plum or some other kind of dark fruit. This is a relatively high test beer, weighing in at 7.4% ABV. When you drink it that doesn’t really come into play, at first. It starts of very smooth, and then a little earthiness creeps in from the oak, followed by a latent boozey burn. Initially I found it very palatable, but then the carbonation really kicks it up into your palate. This is a nice change of pace from all the seasonals I’d had up to this point (IE Pumpkin Beers) with a very different spice profile. I quite enjoyed it.

Leapbeer #277 is Spiced Rum Cask by Innis & Gunn

Brewery: Innis & Gunn Brewery of Scotland
Released: Unknown
Size/ABV: 330ml Bottle/7.4%
Availability: Private Liquor Stores
Purchased @:

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Leapbeer Review #276 Titanic Strong Stout by Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

I’ve written a few posts about the time I spent at Spinnakers last summer, and while I was there I also picked up this little beauty. The Titanic Strong Stout is another in their high test (7.75% ABV) stouts, even though it doesn’t taste like it. I wanted to give this bomber a fairly comprehensive tasting so I tried it two ways, chilled from the fridge and room temperature.

This beer pours to a jet black colour with a thin puffy cafe au lait coloured head. Tasting #1 (chilled) I detect a nice amount of coffee and licorice notes with the malts. The beer tastes very smooth. It really hides its alcohol well. Even those who don’t like stouts (or say they don’t like stouts) would enjoy this beer when chilled.

Tasting #2 (room temperature) More than before it smells strongly of coffee and licorice and now there’s an addition of dates to it. It has that thick smell to it. The beer still tastes super smooth with a surprisingly thin mouthfeel. This isn’t a motor oil stout. The malts really come alive when served at this temperature. In my opinion this is a very good stout.

I know a lot of people compare stouts to Guinness. I dare to say if someone had this side by side with Guiness that they would think the Titanic was lighter due to the way it feels in your mouth.

One other thing about this that I find interesting is that this has different characteristics from their Tsarist Stout.

Leapbeer #276 is Titanic Strong Stout by Spinnakers

Brewery: Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub in Victoria BC
Released: Unknown
Size/ABV: 650ml Bomber/7.75%
Availability: Some Private Liquor Stores and @ Spinnakers
Purchased @:
Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub
Other Reviews: Rate Beer, Beeradvocate & Mikes Craft Beer Blog

One other cool thing we picked up while at Spinnakers was a bottle of their home made malt vinegar. They had a couple of bottles there made from a couple of different beers, but we grabbed one from the Titanic Stout setup. It is a very dark and rich malt vinegar, and a welcome addition to our pantry.

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