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Leapbeer Reviews #295-300 Flight of the Townsite

With it getting closer to the end of the year and me needing to get my blogging butt in gear I coordinated a nice tasting evening for me and some friends. This has helped me to cover some of the stockpile of beers I’ve been sitting on. It also helps me to get through a full flights of beers without being left with the task of consuming four or more bombers in one night. Our most recent tasting evening included a flight from Powell River’s own Townsite Brewery. You may recall that I went through there earlier in the leapbeer journey in one of my leapbeer field trips.

They have a really cool set up there with lots of local flair. Karen noted to us that Cedric their brewmaster could very well be the only Belgian born brewmaster in BC. Each of their labels has a tidbit about the name of the beer along with the local significance. They will be included in the write up as well.

First beer from Townsite is their Westview Wheat a summer witbier, or belgian style wheat beer. It is a very tasty beer that I am guessing they will be bringing back again late next spring/early summer 2013. It is a touch on the sweet side, but doesn’t have the usual banana-esque notes that most hefeweizens have.

Note: Westview: noun 1. direction of every view in Powell River, and features the epic Comox Glacier, 2. a refreshing summer seasonal witbier

Leapbeer #295 is Westview Wheat

Westview Wheat

Westview Wheat

Second from the epic flight of Townsite is the Zunga Blonde ale. A fairly sweet smelling blond beer with a very clean finish.

Note: Zunga (zung-ga) n.  1 a word peculiar to Powell River meaning rope swing over water; 2, a delicious golden blonde ale,

Leapbeer #296 is Zunga Blonde Ale

Zunga Blonde

Zunga Blonde

Next up I chose their Timewarp Wet Hopped Pale Ale. This is a very tasty wet hopped beer. There’s a great base, that of their Suncoast Pale Ale (if I’m not mistaken). And then they elevate it with a lovely, piney and resinous punch of fresh hops. By my count, that makes an already spectacular pale ale that much better.

Note: timewarp: noun 1. what you step into when you step of the ferry on Texada island; 2. a delicious wet-hopped pale ale

Leapbeer #297 is Timewarp Wet Hopped Pale Ale

Time Warp Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Time Warp Wet Hopped Pale Ale

Third up, following one hoppy punch with another, is the Tin Hat IPA. This deeply malted IPA has great caramel and hop notes in the scent. It tastes very good, with a nice balance between the bitterness and sweet. It isn’t overly citric like some other PNW IPA’s, but it still packs a bitter punch.

Note: Tin Hat: 1. logger slang for a hard hat; 2. a peak (elev 1193m) along the 180km Sunshine Coast Trail; 3. s West Coast IPA

Leapbeer #298 is Tin Hat IPA

Tin Hat IPA

Tin Hat IPA

After that flurry of hops it was necessary to take a step back, and grab a beer that you need to savor and enjoy. Their Charleston Belgian Triple was just that. A lovely peppery yeast scented beer with a hint of biscuits. It tastes extremely smooth initally followed by a latent boozey burn. A very enjoyable beer in its own right. When I toured the brewery earlier in the year, I had to pry this from Karen’s private stash. Thank you Karen for sharing, it didn’t go to waste. There was no note on this label, but their is a back label outlining the heritage of the brewer and a minor history behind Belgian brewing.

Leapbeer #299 is Charleston Belgian Triple

Charleston Belgian Triple

Charleston Belgian Triple

Last of the night, their Pow Town Porter brings it home. It is a lovely light and dry yet deceptively complex porter. A very enjoyable beer indeed.

Note: Pow Town; n. 1. how locals refer to Powell River, a historic lumber town on BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast; 2. a porter-style beer

Leapbeer #300 is Pow Town Porter

Pow Town Porter

Pow Town Porter

The flight was a success, and all who shared in it enjoyed themselves. It is an interesting thing when you can take a tour of several different well crafted beer styles from the same team. I’m not going to include the usual notes section at the end of this post, as all the stats on the beers are clearly noted on each bottle. That’s one thing I really like about Townsite, not only do the include the size and ABV but also the original gravity and IBU rating. A nice turn for the discerning beer nerd.

Thanks for reading

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12 thoughts on “Leapbeer Reviews #295-300 Flight of the Townsite

  1. I have tried all but the west view wheat and they were all great! This is a great team that makes great beer!

  2. Ah, these guys! This puts me in mind of several happy memories from this past summer. Unfortunately, I have yet to try their Westview Wheat and Time Warp. And it seems they have a winter ale now too? Crap! Make that three!

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