Mission : Leap Beer, 366 Beers in 366 Days

Leapbeer Reports – The Isle of Misfit Beers

So I wanted to do this post to showcase all the pictures of beers that I didn’t get onto the master list (some beers got in, but the pictures didn’t). Either I took pictures of them and lost their notes, or I just plum forgot to take notes. I didn’t want the pics to go to waste, so here they are. I’m still planning to do a compilation of what beers I had and where they were from etc etc, so keep on the watch for that.

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8 thoughts on “Leapbeer Reports – The Isle of Misfit Beers

  1. Would love to hear about both the Russian River beers – those are rare in these parts!

    • The Pliny was great, I had 2 bottles about a month apart and it is definitely a ‘consume as fresh as possible’ iipa.

      Consecration, on the other hand, should have aged some more. It had minor sour characteristics and the wine barrel notes, but I would have liked it if it was more sour. Hopefully I’ll have another one to experiment with later. It was my untappd unique #500.

  2. I’m also getting quite a collection of pics of beers I’ve tried but haven’t reviewed. Too lazy to write reviews and then really can’t remember some of the details. I’m a total beer slacker.

  3. This is quite the eclectic list. And quite a few winners in here too!

  4. I take notes on nearly every beer I try. I have a massive stack of sheets full of notes. 6 reviews a page. I’m so behind on posting them.

  5. Some real winners here. Others… not so much. But you got to distribute them out, don’t you?

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