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#37 Artisan IPA by Bowen Island Brewing

So this is a beer I’d tasted earlier in the month. It is a quite hoppy IPA. It doesn’t have a bitterness rating on the can, but I’d gather its in the 40 range. Tastes less ‘craft’y than say the Hop Circle IPA but definitely more an IPA than a keiths. It isn’t my favorite beer so far, but its not a terrible brew. I wish Bowen would produce bottles of beer, but even from a can this is a tasty brew. What I find hard to understand is with great lower cost brews like this one out there, why do people drink such bad beer en mas (IE Bud, Lucky, MGD etc etc) If I were to try to sum this beer in a phrase, it’d be ‘a great inexpensive crafty ipa’. Thanks Bowen Island Brewing, I’ll be back to you soon.


Here’s #37 Artisan IPA by Bowen Island Brewing

Enjoy responsibly folks

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