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Leapbeer Review #115 Czech Pilsner by Longwood Brewpub

Recently having been through Nanaimo I decided to grab a growler full of beer from Longwood Brewpub. I make it a habit to stop there any chance I get. They hadn’t changed their tap menu since I’d been there last, so I picked their Czech Pilsner to try. I may have had it before, but I didn’t remember it. Surely it had been a long time.

My growler full I pour a glorious golden glass of this tasty beverage. It has a slight smell of beer to it, no major hoppy or yeasty notes though. It has a real nice bitter note in the sip. It coats the mouth nicely. It is a really easy drinking pislner. At 5.5% ABV this is a great session ale. I’m a fan of the growler fill as it gives you a long time to savour beer. If it sucked then you’d be stuck with a bunch of bad beer, but with this one it was great. It may have been a long time since I’d had it before I don’t believe it’ll be a long break between tastings again.

One other note, the longwood website says they use a generous dose of saaz hops. This (according to wikipedia) is the same hops that the original Czech Pilsner is made with.

A couple days later I went back to this to polish the growler off. I drank it while eating a quite spicy & acidic salad, and this beer held up well. A perfect quaff after a spicy bite.

I apologize for the picture. I usually don’t take the pic when its already been drank, but I forgot with this beer. You’d think that with 64oz of beer I’d have ample time to take a great picture of it. I just plum forgot to do it.

#115 is Czech Pilsner by Longwood Brewpub (Nanaimo BC)

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Leapbeer Reviews #43 and #44 – Phillips Hammertime

Just kidding, we’re not doing the U Can’t Touch This dance.

I am however reviewing Hammer Barrel Aged Imperial Stout vs Hammer Imperial Stout by Phillips.

For those of you thinking this shouldn’t be that much of a difference, you’re wrong. While the flavour profile’s are similar, they are not the same. Especially in the aftertaste department. The original is a very crisp stout. Somewhat sharp to taste initially, but it finishes clean. It warms the belly as it goes down (as any good stout should). And the barrel aged offering has a sweet hint to it, and the sharpness shaved down somewhat. Its aged in bourbon barrels, and you can taste that. The sweetness and fruitiness is there from that. They are both available in 650ml bottles and are a relative high test stout 8.3%. If I were to pick my favorite of the two of these I’d say the bourbon aged offering. It has more of an aftertaste that lingers with you, and the fruitiness and sweetness are a nice touch. That said this isn’t saying the original isn’t good. Its a very tasty beer in its own right.

Here’ are #43 and #44  Hammer Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout and Hammer Imperial Stout

I retire now to go watch some hockey, but I enjoy making beer history. One sip at a time.

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