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Leapbeer Presents – Cellar Raid Beer Tasting!

I’ve been fortunate to be allowed to host a tasting event at the Courtenay Cascadia Liquor Store coming up next week. On Monday, January 20th from 7-8pm Cascadia and their guests will be helping me raid into my beer cellar and share some classic beers. Not only will we be sampling from a couple of classic ‘cellar’ styles, but hopefully we will share in a leapbeer experiment. There’s going to be all sorts of information about cellaring beers and examples and tips. Plus a special guest. I hope to see my readers there if you can.

Don’t Expect Anything Quite This Dusty img via http://www.kathryn.info

Here is a link to the Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1396355917283125/ if you wanted to RSVP that way. Otherwise you can call the store at 250-871-8171 to get your name put on the list or come by the store.

When: January 20th, from 7 til 8pm
Where: Cascadia Liquor Store, Courtenay BC. Unit 200 – 444 Lerwick Rd, Courtenay BC, V9N 0A9
How Much: $5 charitable donation.

PS: If you’re a reader not in my area, I apologize for sending this to you. I can’t find in wordpress where I limit who these posts go out to.

2nd Leapbeer Fieldtrip – Victoria part 2 Swans

This post is going to be a cobbling together of my notes from Swans Brewpub. We had the opportunity to go there during my last trip to Victoria, and we got a nice sampler of their beers. They had 11 tap varieties available.

1st Tray

2nd Tray

Riley’s Scotch Ale Oatmeal Stout Beast Cygnet Wheat Ale
Riley’s Scotch Ale Extra IPA Pandora Pale Ale Old Towne Lager
Raspberry Ale Appleton Brown Ale Buckerfields ESB

Arctic Ale

We got a double up of the Scotch Ale to balance out the trays. Here’s our notes. I do plan to revisit some of these beers in the future when I go back there, but I apologize for how brief our notes are. It wasn’t the best time to go in for a tasting as the place was hopping.

Riley’s Scotch Ale – Really heavy malts. Quite high alcohol content, making it somewhat off putting (8.0% ABV not masked at all)

Raspberry Ale – Very strong raspberry flavour, more raspberry than beer. 7.0% ABV but not as noticeable as the Scotch Ale

Oatmeal Stout – Smells of licorice, very crisp and easy drinking. 5.4% ABV

Extra IPA – Excellent Aroma, well hopped, lingering bitterness. 6.9% ABV

Appleton Brown Ale – Very prominent barrel taste of the rum barrels- Initially caused a recoil, but the flavour grew on me.

Beast – A cidery and malty taste. Really tastes like cider. 9.1% ABV. Quite a strong flavour.

Pandora Pale Ale – Very tasty, a slight bitterness. A very quaffable ale. 4.5% ABV

Buckerfield’s ESB – Smells quite sweet, taste is surprisingly bitter. Favorite of the night for me. 5.0% ABV

Cygnet Wheat Ale – Smells like a wheat beer, appears like a filtered Hoegaarden. Has the banana aroma wheat beers are associated with, fairly sweet. No ABV info. Left4beer noted it at 4.2% ABV.

Old Towne Lager – Jeff really liked this one, besides that my notes are unreadable. 5.0% ABV

Arctic Ale – No smell to speak of. Very easy drinking beer. 4.5% ABV

I’d like to thank Swans for their hospitality. While it seems I may have ripped their beers a bit I’m absolutely planning to go back and try them again. As I noted we were there at a real inopportune time to do a tasting. For more information about the establishment please check out their website here.

Thanks for reading

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