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Site Update – Beer Challenge

I’m opening a challenge to my readers today. I’ve had to take some time off drinking beer due to travel and a pinch of sickness, but its wearing off and I’m getting thirsty. I have one update to do from my trip. After that one comes out, however, I’m getting right back at the task at hand. 1 beer at a time.

My challenge to you is this, if you live outside of my area and you want to try some of the best beers Vancouver island has to offer, lets swap. I’m going to put together a few bomber’s of local craft brew to send away to anyone who’s willing to swap with me. I realize this isn’t a new concept, in fact I was alerted to it by a friend who uses ratebeer for the same purpose. That said, while I love hearing about how good beer X is from this place or that, now’s the time to put your money where the suds are. I’ll match beer for beer with whatever is sent within reason (I need to check postage). It’ll be on the honor system.

This is primarily focused on my non-west coast readership, as most vancouver people actually have a better access to beers than me. BUT I have a different offer for you. I’m planning a couple of road trips to breweries that you could be a part of. I’m going to be going to Powell River to sample the Townsite Brewery and I’m planning to run out to Tofino to get some from the Tofino Brewing Company .

I’m obviously not coming over to van and picking you up from your door, but if you make it to a Nanaimo bound ferry I’ll get you there. These will be a limited space availability so it’ll be first come first served.

I’m not doing this for any money, just for better beer availability. I’m also going to post a list soon of all the beers I have in my fridge so we don’t double up.

For those of you who’ve already helped me out with new beers, Kev, Frank, Martin, Molly, Big D, and my folks. THANK YOU so much for helping me so far. A big extra special thanks to daDef for being my Victorian Gopher (not as dignified as Senior VP of Leapbeer Acquisitions but I think it sounds better)

Thanks for reading, keep tuning in to see how it goes. My beerfridge list will be posted soon.

EDIT: I shouldve posted my email addy for anyone to respond to. heav_c@hotmail.com

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