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Leapbeer Review #362 Local 2 By Brooklyn Brewery

This next beer I bought on a bit of a whim. I was walking around in the Liquor Depot on the north end of Nanaimo just to check this place out, and this bottle seemed to hop out at me. There was a Local 1 and Local 2 side by side, I chose Local 2 because it has “honey and citrus peel” on the label. The notes from the Brooklyn website have this to say about it.

Here in Brooklyn we’ve combined European malt and hops, Belgian dark sugar, and raw wildflower honey from a New York family farm to create Brooklyn Local 2. Our special Belgian yeast adds hints of spice to the dark fruit, caramel, and chocolate flavors. After 100% bottle re-fermentation, the beer reveals a marvelous dry complexity, enjoyable by itself or at the dinner table. (from their website)

This is a bottle conditioned beer, leading to the gigantic tan head on this beer. Its almost a 50/50 head to beer ratio. The beer itself is a cloudy brown colour. The aroma of it is very strange, a tinge of citrus mixed with caramel malts and a hint of saison-esque peppery yeast. It tastes very odd. As I imagined it is very carbonated. The sweetness is very delicately balanced with tart, both qualities of the raw wildflower honey. The beer tastes super light and easy to drink. It does not taste like a nine percent beer. The tastes is almost nondescript with only faint notes of chocolate, malt and citrus peel.

Leapbeer #362 is Local 2 by Brooklyn Brewing Company

Local 2 by Brooklyn Brewery

Local 2 by Brooklyn Brewery

Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery of New York NY
Size/ABV/IBU: 750ml Bottle/9.0% ABV/ 24 IBUs
Liquor Depot Nanaimo
Website: http://brooklynbrewery.com/brooklyn-beers/big-bottles/brooklyn-local-2
Other Reviews: Beer Advocate, Rate Beer

I’m not sure this is one I’d ever get again, or at least get again any time soon.

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Leapbeer Review #165 East India Pale Ale by Brooklyn Brewery

A trip back to hoppy town, again. As an admitted hop-a-holic I am always leaning towards the IPA’s when I go to pick a beer. I grabbed a 6 of this at Lucky’s Liquors in Nanaimo. A side note, this store has a fantastic craft beer selection. This IPA is brewed in the traditional style, harkening back to British brewery George Hodgeson’s original IPA recipe. They use 4 variants of hops, East Kent Golding, Willamette, Northdown and Centennial.

It pourts to a clear amber with a creamy off white head on top. There is quite a bit of carbonation in this beer as well. On the nose is a great hit of hops, likely due to the centennial. They use that variant of hops making it a hybrid of traditional and pacific northwest IPA’s. Its close to a pnw ipa. There is a lovely bitterness to this beer and it has a velvety mouthfeel to it. After you sip it you are left with a nice thin layer of bitterness in your mouth.

On another note, I tried this while eating a medium spicy curry and it worked really well. This is my first *successful* food pairing. I’ll post about my failed attempts in a later post.

My only problem with this beer is the name. I didn’t think we needed to clarify ‘East” in an IPA. Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but I wouldn’t ever think of native North Americans as Indians. Just my 2 cents.

Leapbeer #165 is East India Pale Ale by Brooklyn Brewery

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Leapbeer Review #130 Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Today’s post is of a beer I picked up a while ago on a trip to Victoria. I was intrigued by the idea of a pumpkin beer. Reading the information from their website  says that hundreds of pounds of pumpkin go into each batch. This beer pours to a deep amber/orange colour. It really has the scent of the pumpkin as well. My last time I had a beer even similar to this it didn’t go well. Let’s hope this one goes better.

It tastes not bad. It has a sweetness to it. You get a hint of the fruit in it as well. You’d expect it to be more omnipresent with this beer, but it’s more reserved. They balanced the finish with a nice dose of bitterness at the end of the taste. I’m thinking that the pumpkin adds more of a silkiness to this beer than a flavour. You get the smell of it, but less of the taste than I would expect. I do like this beer. It’s a definite change to the norm of even most craft beers. This beer is a seasonal offering from Brooklyn brewery, served in 355ml bottles at a 5.0%ABV.

Leapbeer #130 is Post Road Pumpkin Ale

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Leapbeer Review #114 Brooklyn Lager By Brooklyn Brewery

This next beer has something of an interesting back story to it. It’s not noted on their site, but this beer recipe actually dates back to the pre prohibition era. It is a dry hopped beer which is an aroma enhancer, without adding the bitterness. It’s the Brooklyn Breweries flagship/namesake beer. Bought as a 6-pack from MVLS it comes in 355ml bottles at a 5.2% ABV, making it a great session ale.

It pours to a lovely deep amber colour with about a 1cm head. It smells of lager beer, light malts and yeast. It tastes very malty. It also has considerable bitterness for a lager. This makes it a treat to drink, and it doesn’t get boring. It is well carbonated. Also it leaves a nice lacing in the glass. There is a real floral note to from the hops, likely from the dry hopping.

#114 is Brooklyn Lager by Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)

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