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Leapbeer Review #98 Torpedo Extra IPA by Sierra Nevada

Before anyone starts getting on my case about all the IPA madness going on here, please bear with me. I’ve got several non-IPA’s in the fridge, this is just what I reached for.

Another note about this beer is that I’m drinking this beer at my own risk. I went to open it with my trusty beer opener and it took part of the top off with it. I’m braving it out, hopefully not consuming any chards in my tasting.

This is a bold IPA by Sierra Nevada, a brewery in Chico (central California for us canuckleheads)  Its brewed using american hops with their ‘torpedo’, a brewers piece that helps them add a super concentrated hops flavour.

It pours to a copper/amber colour. It also has a lovely hop scent to it. I got a lovely head on the pour as well, and it left some thick lacing on the glass. It tastes very hoppy, as you may imagine. It has a hint of the citric PNW (pacific north west) hop flavour I love, but only a hint. Its got a mild malty or sweet taste in the middle of the sip. It’s a higher test beer at 7.7%ABV so please drink responsibly. I for one am a fan of this beer. I’ll definitely be searching it out in the future.

#98 is Torpedo Extra IPA by Sierra Nevada

One downside of doing this review, is that the label got all ripped up when I tried to acquire it for the journal. Oh wells I guess I need to get another one then.
I’d love to hear some suggestions for my 100th leap, please post them in the comments.

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