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Leapbeer Review #177 Wildfire IPA by Cannery Brewing

Leapbeer has really been a journey of discovery for me. While I previously considered myself a ‘cautiously adventurous beer consumer’ this time I’ve tipped even further towards that precipice. I now peer towards the chasm that is the rabbit hole of craft beers. This year has also been one of firsts for me too. The Wildfire IPA by Cannery Brewing marks my first black IPA. I’d be amiss to not note that India Pale Ale’s have been a regular beer style for me for the past decade. BUT good IPA’s, truly good ones, I’ve only experienced in the past 2 years. As a person who enjoys all styles off beer I’m curious to see how this dark version of my beloved beer comes off.

I poured the beer and wow, they weren’t kidding about it being a black beer. It’s jet black. So black that it won’t even let maximillion escape. A deep black pour with a beige head on it. I smell the beer and get a real hit of roasted malt. The bottle advertises fierce hop, gentle bite. I’m guessing they aggressively hopped it, but in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm the roasted malts. When drank cold It tastes more like a porter to me. I get some latent bitterness from the hops, but I don’t smell them. I’m going to let it acclimate a bit to the room temp before I finish the glass.

When warmed up a bit this beer does something I have never experienced before. The malts get attenuated and the hops get amplified. I get all of the bold hoppy ipa flavour, but with a muted rich roasted malt undercurrent. Normally with beers when they are served at a closer to room temp (10c) the malts get amplified. In the case of this beer it is the opposite. This is a feat I’m sure the brew staff at Cannery would hesitate to share. It’s be easy to call them crazy for not sharing, but in truth, they’re the Naramata Nuts.

Both cool or tepid this beer is smooth. For my first black IPA I’m glad to say I like it.

Leapbeer #177 is Wildfire IPA by Cannery Brewing

Cannery made this beer as a tribute to those who fight forest fires every year in the interior. Kudos to them for that, those men and women are very brave and deserve such honor.

Thanks for reading

PS: I included a fairly random movie quote in this review, if you know it share in the comments.

Leapbeer Tasting – Fruity Beers

Having had a large collection of beers in the Leapbeer fridge I’ve started organizing some tasting events in an effort to enlist help in my weighty goal. It’ll also help me clear out some space in the fridge for all the new releases as they come out. I had my superfriend Jeff join me for this tasting event.

The beers I chose for this tasting were the Longwood Brewpub Frambois, the Phillips Brewing Raspberry Wheat Ale, the Howe Sound 4-way Fruit Ale, the Cannery Brewing Blackberry Porter and a Cassis Lambic by Brouwerij Lindemans of Belgium. That’s the order we drank them in. I was trying to go for a profile of lighter to stronger tastes, but I didn’t have any experience with most of these beers so it was a bit of guess work as well.

First up, Frambois from Longwood Brewpub in Nanaimo.

Here are our notes.
Chris; First thing you get from this beer is a big time hit of raspberry smell. Taste wise, you get a nice bitterness and sourness from the raspberries in this ale. It is also very easy drinking
Jeff noted that it was sweet smelling. And you taste a definite sourness from this beer
2nd is Raspberry Wheat Ale by Phillips Brewery.

Chris; I don’t get a big whiff of raspberry with this one, but I do get a yeasty smell from it. It has lots of raspberry flavour with some great sourness from that. It also has that distinctly crisp wheat beer finish.
Jeff got that this beer doesn’t smell as fruity as the previous, but you can smell the sourness in it. It also tastes more wheaty.

3rd up is the 4-way fruit ale by Howe Sound Brewing

Jeff; Hoppy smell, but has a strange aftertaste. It tastes almost nutty. Not my (jeffs) favorite of the night.
Chris; Definitely smells of passion fruit and raspberry, as well as citric and hoppy. I got the nuttiness as well, its likely from the passion fruit seeds. Very complex fruitiness to it, a great beer.

4th is Blackberry Porter by Cannery Brewing

I know this pic was taken with the flash therefore darkening the beer in the glasses, but this is a jet black beer. Only when it’s very thin in the glass is it not uberblack. We both remarked that when it was poured. I didn’t taste the blackberry as much as I had thought I would, but you really smell it. It is a nice bitter porter still. Jeff agreed.

5th was the Cassis Lambic by Brouwerij Lindemans of Belgium.

Jeff; It really smells like the fruit (currants). When you drink it quickly it seems almost overwelmingly bitter. If you hold it in your mouth for a second it is extremely sweet. Almost cider-ish. Liked it so much it was the first he went back for 2nds on.
Chris; Incredibly fragrant. For a low percentage beer (according to untappd its 4.0% making it the lowest of the night) it is not a really great quaffer. More suited for sipping and savouring. After the initial confusion (it was my first lambic) I quite enjoyed it, slowly.

And that was our notes on the night. We enjoyed the beer and talking about them. We both agreed that while they were all great, our favorite was the Cassis Lambic. I’m intrigued to try more sour beers now, when I find some more. These 5 are now #’s 152-156 in the Leapbeer master list. Thanks to Jeff for helping me drink and contributing to the cause here. There are more tastings planned for the future, and he’ll be involved for sure.

Next time you are about to crack a bomber of craft beer, why not share it with a friend?

Thanks again for reading.

#25 and #26, Cannery Collection Part Two IPA and Nut Ale

So the can says it has a fierce hop and gentle bite. It is a well hopped IPA with some bitter aftertaste. Relative high test compared to some, but very tasty. The lingering flavour stays with you for quite some time with this beer. It doesn’t remind me of any of the standard bigname IPA’s like Alexander Keiths, but it is strikingly similar to the Hop Circle from Phillips.

Here’s #25 the Cannery Brewing I.P.A.

#26 is the Naramata Nut Brown Ale
The site says this “This velvety soft ale has a stubbornly loyal following. Rich dark malts are layered in a seamless manner. Fine tuning with a blend of bittering, aroma, and flavour hops produce an amazingly smooth finish and a lingering taste. This is a full bodied ale with a rich and gentle flavour.”

Now let me preface this with the fact that I don’t remember liking this beer. So my preconceived notion is that it will be bad. But who knows, my palate may have changed and maybe I like it now.

So, after tasting it again it is, as one would expect, a nutty ale. I’m going to have a second one to see if I poured it wrong but it had a moment of settling the same way that a guinness would. There is no aftertaste, and it goes down very smooth.
To be honest I don’t know what I was thinking when I developed the idea that I didn’t like this. Its a tasty brew.

So the love in continues to Beer #26, Cannery Naramata Nut Brown Ale

All the info for this beer is available here http://cannerybrewing.com/index.htm

Or on via there twitter feed https://twitter.com/#!/CanneryBrewing

Im wondering if this has to do with drinking a beer from a glass, whether that makes it better or not. So far the streak continues and so do I. Only 340 beers in 346 days to go. If you think I’m rushing into it, please know that I do a fair amount of fishing in the summer. This will prove to limit some of my blogging.

PS I wondered what kind of nut a Naramata nut was, so I googled it. Only to find out that naramata is an area of the okanagan. Oops.

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