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Leapbeer Review #170 Beaver Brown Ale by Canoe Brewpub

I had an evening dinner earlier this month at Canoe Brewpub in Victoria. We shared a flight of their craft and discussed it. If you don’t know a flight of beer is a taster of all their products.

The one beer that stood out to me was their Beaver Brown Ale. I picked up a bottle of it and brought it to the leapbeer tasting room.

I poured this into my trusty pint glass and here’s my thoughts. It pours to a deep brown colour with a cream coloured foam on top. This beer smells fantastic. It smells of malt with a hint of coffee as well. When you taste it the coffee meets some chocolate flavour and this brown ale. It washes in your mouth and fills it with the flavour. It isn’t heavy, but it is rich. It is a bold and easily sessionable brown ale. I really enjoyed it.

Leapbeer #170 is Beaver Brown Ale by Canoe Brewpub in Victoria

This beer was available on tap at the pub, but also in the 650ml bomber. It has a nice sessionable 5.3%.

One other thing about Canoe, our dinner was great. 2 of the diners had the braised beef entré and it was fantastic. They even offer this beer in a beer float. It made for a great night. They also just released a gluten free menu. My hat is off to Canoe for their fine craftsmanship, both in the beer and in their restaurant. Check them out if you get the chance.


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Leapbeer Review #113 Dark Chocolate Porter by Lighthouse Brewery

A quick note before I get into the review. Today (April 7th) is ‘national beer day‘. Its the day FDR put into motion the move to repeal prohibition in the USA. Hooray for that! Us canucks still had our beer but our neighbours to the south were allowed to quaff to their hearts content. Enjoy responsibly out there and enjoy your craft beer. Now on to the review.

I decided tonight to go with one of the new beers from Lighthouse Brewery. It is a deep and rich chocolate porter.

It pours to a deep black colour with a 1cm cream coloured head. It smells of light coca, with hints of licorice and malt.

It tastes of chocolate and the deep malts. The sweetness from the malt is balanced by the carbonation. It really lingers in the palate too. It isn’t the best porter I’ve had so far in the leapbeer journey, but its very good. I really wished they had some more information on their website about it. It does note that the “beyond fair trade” cocoa nibs come from Ghana, West Africa.

Of note, the label art is surprisingly spartan. It has a picture of the cocoa pod, and minor notes (650ml and 5.5% ABV). I’m guessing that it may have been rushed to bottling as the majority of Lighthouse beers have great label art.

Leapbeer #113 is Dark Chocolate Porter by Lighthouse Brewery

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