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Site Update – Beer Challenge

I’m opening a challenge to my readers today. I’ve had to take some time off drinking beer due to travel and a pinch of sickness, but its wearing off and I’m getting thirsty. I have one update to do from my trip. After that one comes out, however, I’m getting right back at the task at hand. 1 beer at a time.

My challenge to you is this, if you live outside of my area and you want to try some of the best beers Vancouver island has to offer, lets swap. I’m going to put together a few bomber’s of local craft brew to send away to anyone who’s willing to swap with me. I realize this isn’t a new concept, in fact I was alerted to it by a friend who uses ratebeer for the same purpose. That said, while I love hearing about how good beer X is from this place or that, now’s the time to put your money where the suds are. I’ll match beer for beer with whatever is sent within reason (I need to check postage). It’ll be on the honor system.

This is primarily focused on my non-west coast readership, as most vancouver people actually have a better access to beers than me. BUT I have a different offer for you. I’m planning a couple of road trips to breweries that you could be a part of. I’m going to be going to Powell River to sample the Townsite Brewery and I’m planning to run out to Tofino to get some from the Tofino Brewing Company .

I’m obviously not coming over to van and picking you up from your door, but if you make it to a Nanaimo bound ferry I’ll get you there. These will be a limited space availability so it’ll be first come first served.

I’m not doing this for any money, just for better beer availability. I’m also going to post a list soon of all the beers I have in my fridge so we don’t double up.

For those of you who’ve already helped me out with new beers, Kev, Frank, Martin, Molly, Big D, and my folks. THANK YOU so much for helping me so far. A big extra special thanks to daDef for being my Victorian Gopher (not as dignified as Senior VP of Leapbeer Acquisitions but I think it sounds better)

Thanks for reading, keep tuning in to see how it goes. My beerfridge list will be posted soon.

EDIT: I shouldve posted my email addy for anyone to respond to. heav_c@hotmail.com

Leapbeer Reviews #84-87 1st Longwood Brewpub Fieldtrip

The other day I got an opportunity for a brief tasting at Longwood Brewpub in Nanaimo BC. I’ve been going here off and on since they started production back over 10 years ago. They introduced me to the idea of a brewpub. Long story short, I’m a fan. They have an excellent array of beers both in Cask and Cellar temps. I try to go by there every time I am in Nanaimo.

I didn’t have the longest time to do a tasting there today, otherwise I probably would’ve had a meal and spaced it out some. With only the short time I decided to do a 4x6oz sampler that they offer. As you can see from the picture below I chose the Longwood Ale, the Extra Special Bitter, the Copper Bock(seasonal)¬† and the Russian Imperial Stout(in the back).

I started off with their trademark ale, the one named after the place, the Longwood Ale aka Woodies Ale. This beer is a lovely coloured golden ale brewwerd with German Tettnang hops, and has a 5.0% ABV. At first smell this beer has a light hop scent to it. When you taste it you get the hops with a tangy malt back. There is a lingering bitter aftertaste.

Leapbeer #84 is Longwood Ale by Longwood Brewpub

Next I decided to try the cellar kept ESB or Extra Special Bitter. This is a translucent  copper beer. It has a tinge of citrus fruit in the taste and on the nose. It has a healthy bitter note in the middle of tasting with minimal malts. It has a clean crisp finish. This is a sipper of a beer, and I feel that serving it at this temp is a plus because cooled the flavours would be too muted.

Leapbeer #85 is ESB by Longwood Brewpub

I ordered the Winter Weizenbock for my next beer, only to find that they had finished the keg right before I ordered so I got the Copper Bock instead. This is one of their seasonal beers. I was happy to go with this beer since it was one of my go to beers when its available. It weighs in at 7.2%ABV. This is a Bock style beer that pours to a (you guessed it) copper colour. You get a big hit of the caramel malts in its scent. Also I noted that this beer seemed considerably carbonated. This does have a sweet malt initial flavour followed by a hop bite. The taste really tends to linger on the palate.¬† I’d say this is for sure a sipper as well. Still as delicious as I remember it.

Leapbeer #86 is Copper Bock by Longwood Brewpub

Lastly I went with their Russian Imperial Stout. I tried to keep the flavour profiles in an ascending order in strength and malts. This one has a heavy scent of malt and sweetness. It tastes even more. There is a lovely hit of bitters at the beginning of the taste, followed by the richness of the malts. This beer is the perfect marriage of molasses and bitter beer. It totally coats your mouth.

Leapbeer #87 is Russian Imperial Stout by Longwood Brewpub


So that concludes my 1st tasting at Longwood. I do look forward to coming back again as soon as I can. One note that I’ll have to attend to next time I come here is that 4pm on a Friday isn’t the ideal time for a tasting. This place was hopping. Not a problem from the business end of it, but it played a bit of havoc with my creative mojo. I did grab a 4 pack of bottles with 3 different beers that I hadn’t tried (and 1 for a special secret soon to be announced project). Expect to hear more out of this brewery in the future on this blog.

Thanks for reading and Enjoy Responsibly

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