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Leapbeer Review #137 Peach Cream Ale by Tin Whistle

This next beer I kind of picked up on a lark when I was at MVLS the other day. I figured it sounded like a nice beer to share with my wife and another BC beer for the leapbeer journey. I cracked it open and poured a couple of glasses.

It pours to a straw coloured beer with no head to speak of. Personally I thought it smells like peaches. My wife thought it smelled like grass clippings. There’s really minimal carbonation in this beer. When you take a sip of it, you get the peach on the nose. I don’t taste it that much though. It really tastes like a bland cream ale. I could see this being easily quaffed, but why would you. Its doesn’t really taste like much at all. It’s kind of a forgettable beer.

Leapbeer #137 is Peach Cream Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing of Penticton BC

As you can see this came from a 650ml bottle and its a 5.0% ABV.

Thanks for Reading.

Leapbeer Reviews #118 & 119 Coastal Cream Ale and Four Twenty Brilliant Lager by Shaftebury Brewery

I’ve always held a special place of fondness for Shaftebury Brewery in Vancouver. They were my first real taste of bottled craft beer. I revered their long retired ‘wet coast winter ale’. It was my seasonal treat that I tried to get as much of as I could. Its not like it was retired recently, I remember drinking it back in the late 90’s. I’m going to review 2 of their current offerings today.

First off is the Coastal Cream Ale. It pours to a deep amber colour with a small head. The scent off the head reminds me of nuts and ginger. It definitely tastes creamy and malty. It really coats the mouth and hangs out in your palate. The bitter hop note sits for me right in the centre of my palate for quite a while. It also leaves some nice lacing on the glass. The carbonation too is nice, it isn’t so much to make this a sipper. It’d make a great session ale.

That said, this isn’t the best cream ale I’ve had. Even on the blog journey I prefer the Irish cream ale. It is still a good beer that I’ll drink again in the future.

Leapbeer #118 is Coastal Cream Ale by Shaftebury

Next I’m moving on to their Four Twenty Brilliant Lager. When this came out I kind of scoffed at it a bit.  I haven’t had it in quite some time, and I don’t remember liking it. Maybe my tastes will have changed since then? Can they win over my preconceived prejudices?

The Beer itself pours to a light golden colour. There is a thin white head that forms on top. It smells of yeast and corn. It tastes like an earthy lager. It finishes crisp, but there is that earthy taste that I’m not a fan of. Somewhat forgettable for a lager beer in my opinion. I guess that they didn’t win me over. Now I’m stuck with the rest of a 6 pack. Oh wells.

#119 is Four Twenty Brilliant (yeah right) Lager by Shaftebury Brewery

A few notes about the can art/packaging of these beers. It is remarkably spartan. There is the usual volume and ABV information on it. But besides the ‘Brewed in BC’ there is literally no information about the beer. No description about what went into the brewing process. Also there’s no website information. Even after finding it their site has been ‘Under Construction’ for a really long time. A bit of digging on the interwebs revealed that they were bought out either by Sleeman or Okanagan Springs. Perhaps this is the reason for their delcine. It’s too bad since they could be considered one of the forefathers of craft beer in British Columbia.

Who knows, maybe they’ll make a dramatic return with a truly epic beer. (hopefully Re-Wet Coast Winter Ale)

Thanks for reading. Enjoy Responsibly.

#23 Bowen Island Irish Cream Ale

According to their website the Irish Cream Ale is low in hops and nutty. Their is truth in this advertising. You would expect this beer taste stronger than it does simply due to its colour. But it is a refreshing beer, goes down super easy. It isn’t something to drink if you want something with some substance to it. If you like a clean finish, this has little to no aftertaste.

I realize this blog is seeming a bit like a love-in with all the beers that I’m posting, but that will change. I have a backlog of beers in my fridge that I like and will get through. But once they’re gone I’m sure I’ll get to one or several that I disagree with.

Leap Beer – whetting whistles, one drop at a time.

The 1 Off – A single beer review – Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

Beer #22 Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale

This is an amber cream ale that goes down easy. Its a medium bodied beer, available year round from Phillips. While it isn’t my favorite offering of theirs I never say no to one. You get a mild smell and hint of the Malt flavour and smooth to no aftertaste. If I was to compare it to another beer I’d say its like a cross between a sleeman honey brown and their cream ale. Less of the honey tones, but similar flavours.

It is definitely a quaffing ale, as it can go down really easy, which would make it perfect for a summer day.

Without further adieu, I give you Beer #22 The Slipstream Cream Ale

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