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Leapbeer Reviews #103 & 104 The Cuban Invasion

With relatives recently returned from Cuba I have a couple of Cuban acquisitions for the leapbeer blog. They said the 2 beers that where available where they went were Cerveza Cristal and Bucanero Fuerte. These two cans are both relatively low test (4.9% ABV on Cristal and 5.4% ABV for Bucanero)

Cristal is a light golden coloured lager beer. It has a mild yeast scent to it, and it tastes like a very mild beer. I gather that on a hot day if you wanted a ‘lighter’ beer this would be your choice down there, but I gotta say its pretty much beer flavoured water. It tastes like an O douls to me.

Bucanero Fuerte is a darker beer, more a copper colour in comparison. This too is a lager beer. There is little to no scent on this beer. It tastes more like beer than the Cristal, but its still weak for a fuerte or strong beer.

Both beers have very little aftertaste. They seem like they are trying to copy most big market mass produced crap. Its a Caribbean photocopy of crappy beer.

#103 & 104 Cerveza Cristal and Bucanero Fuerte

Of course the individuals who brought these beers back insisted on me drinking them while wearing their other gift (thanks mom and dad) a hat made of beer cans. Enjoy.

As my wife says, I’m sure these beers are better consumed closer to the equator. If I happen down that way I’ll be sure to post my updated thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and Enjoy Responsibly.

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