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Leapbeer Reviews #220-#222 An Unlikely Trio

As an attempt to catch up for all the time I slacked off last month you’re going to see at least a couple of posts like this one. This post is a bit of a odd grouping of beers, 3 completely different styles from 2 different countries. I have a German Dortmunder/Export Lager, a complex Pale Ale, and an American Saison.

First up is the DAB Original from Germany. This was given to me by a co-worker, Frank, who’s helped out quite a bit in the leapbeer journey. Thank you to him for this. This to me is a style of pilsner beer. It smells like that european pilsner smell. Like it has Saaz hops in it. It pours to a golden colour with a very thin head that all but disappears quickly. There really isn’t anything special about this beer. While it finishes crisp with no real aftertaste, it tastes weak. I would call it a full on pilsner after drinking it, but I’d definitely call it pilsner-esque.

Leapbeer #220 is DAB Original

Brewery:     Dortmunder Actien Brauerei
Released:    Regularly Produced
Size/ABV:   500ml Can/4.8% ABV
Availability:    Year Round
Purchased @: Gift from Frank

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