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Leapbeer Reviews #315-319 A Cornucopia of Phillips Brau

Another in my list of compressed reviews is me catching up with some of the seasonals by Phillips Brewing Company. My lazy blogging has left me with quite the back log of Vancouver Island craft beers to cover, but all that is changing. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that I have been covering multiple beers per post during the month of December. I was almost 90 back from my 366 goal when December started, but I’m catching up. Enough of the ‘mea culpa‘, lets get on to the beer.

I assembled quite the line up of beers to taste, but I included one from leapbeer’s past. Here’s the tasting line up

The Selection of Phillips Brewing Company BeersAlso a Flying Tanker as a reference beer for a White IPA style

The Selection of Phillips Brewing Company Beers
Also a Flying Tanker as a reference beer for a White IPA style

First up was a head to head comparison of White IPAs. I managed to pry one final Flying Tanker out of VIB Rob’s stash to use as a benchmark to compare the Phillips offering against. If you didn’t read my review of the Flying Tanker White IPA you can read it here. But to sum up, I loved it. It was beer of frankenstein-ish make up that it both confounded and pleased my taste buds. I’m breaking my reviews down to the three critera system I used in the post about beer cellaring. They’ll be examined by Appearance, Aroma and Taste.

Flying Tanker: Dark Gold and cloudy with a tall pillowy white head
Electric Unicorn: Cloudy and golden, almost a sun yellow gold colour. Thin white head present.

Flying Tanker: Slightly piney, some  citrus hop notes. Hefeweizen yeast characteristics as well (cloves and banana type aromas)
Electric Unicorn: Big time hops, pines and citrus. Hints of orange groves. A bit of a bready or biscuit type aroma as well.

Flying Tanker: A bolder flavour profile from previous tanker tastings. A strong bold IPA wrapped in a fluffy hefeweizen coat.
Electric Unicorn: Thin and smooth. Very easy drinking. Lots of hops bitterness to it, tastes more IPA than white IPA

My overall thoughts about the Electric Unicorn are that it was a very tasty beer. I tried it earlier in the year and really didn’t enjoy it. That was why I got the flying tanker to do a side by side with since I loved that beer so much. The age hasn’t been that good for the Tanker, which is to be expected. Hefeweizens or those made with that yeast strain are meant for consuming, not aging. The age, however, was a good thing for the Unicorn. I think it made it a more palatable. I kind of missed the window to showcase the Electric Unicorn during its sale period, and for that I apologize.

Leapbeer #146 is Flying Tanker White IPA and Leapbeer #315 is Electric Unicorn White IPA

Vancouver Island Brewing Flying Tanker & Phillips Brewing Company Electric Unicorn White IPA

Vancouver Island Brewing Flying Tanker & Phillips Brewing Company Electric Unicorn White IPA

Brewery: Phillips Brewing Company of Victoria BC
Released: August 28th, 2012
Size/ABV: 650ml Bottle/6.5% ABV
Availability: None
Purchased @:
Merecroft Village Liquor Store
Other Reviews: Ian Lloyd (@Left4beer), Beer Advocate, Rate Beer

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Leapbeer Week In Review

Todays post is going to be a review of some of the new beers I’ve drank and a few thoughts I had on them. It isn’t so much a full fledged review of the beers. That is why I am putting them together in this post instead of giving them all their own post.

First up is the Coney Island Lager by Shmaltz Brewing Company of New York, New York. (New York CITAY!). While Lager beer’s are mostly recognized for their malty notes, this one has a excellent initial bitterness to it as well. Then the malts really start to shine through. It tastes as tho the malts are roasted to a near licorice flavour.

Leapbeer #147 is Coney Island Lager by Shmaltz Brewing Company

Next up was the Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel by Brasserie d’Achouffe (Duvel Moortgat). It is a Belgian India Pale ale. As you might guess it has a sour yeast taste to it. Then there is a generous dose of floral hops in the nose as well as in the bitterness of this beer. I found it surprisingly easy to drink despite the beers strength. 9.0% ABV

Leapbeer #148 is Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel

Thirdly we get to a local product, the Phillips Double Barrel Scotch Ale. I did not read the bottle before I cracked this one. I placed it in my fridge immediately after purchase and grabbed it out quickly for consumption. I poured the chilled brew into my glass and went in for a sniff. Nothing. I took a taste, bland. I thought why would they do something so forgettable? Then I turned my attention to the label. Here’s what it has on it.
Dangerously good. This scotch ale has been aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels and then loaded into Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from the Okanagan. This unique beer has a gentle peat note, complemented by rich vanilla flavours picked up in the Barrels. Don’t go off half cocked, enjoy this beer in a snifter and at CELLAR TEMPERATURES.

Let my mistake be the lesson for you. Always read your labels with regards to specially made craft beers. If it is something that they took the time to put information on the side, take a second to read it.

2nd glass (when the beer was rested up to room temperature) was a completely different story. The notes of the wine are readily apparent in the nose, and in the taste. If you let it linger on your palate you get the peat taste as well as a hint of the whiskey barrels. At first I didn’t like it, but after a proper tasting it was really good. This is a higher test scotch ale (7.7% ABV) and it goes down easy. Be warned, be careful.

Leapbeer #149 is Double Barrel Scotch Ale by Phillips Brewing Company in Victoria BC

Next up is Salvator by Paulaner Brauerei. This German beer is a very malty doppelbock. To say this beer is malty and sweet is an understatement. Its super malty. It also is quite thick. It’s a nice beer for the doppelbock style, but one I’d only have 1 of. You really need to sip this beer.  Nice, but definitely not a session beer.

Leapbeer #179 is Salvator by Paulaner Brauerei in Germany (Had to be renumbered due to mistakes)

Lastly I wanted to make a note about a trip to a local establishment. I had avoided this trip long enough and I finally caved and went to Merecroft Village Pub, the local “brew pub” in Campbell River. Below is a picture of their Maple Leaf on the left, and their Railway IPA on the right. The Maple leaf is a carbon copy of Molson Canadian. And by carbon copy I should have said carbon crappy. I realize this is me harnessing my inner beer snob, BUT this stuff is crap. It isn’t even worth your time. Their IPA doesn’t fair too much better, although it is at least somewhat hoppy. I drank through one pint of it and we went on for the night. This is what I expected from the quality of the beers brewed here. Campbell River really isn’t a craft beer town, and the local brew pub here reflects that. I wish them well and hope that someday they’ll make something that could be considered ‘craft’. But until that day I plan to avoid the place.

This isn’t how all the posts are going to be. I do plan to spend some time delving into different aspects of beer.

As always I thank you all for reading and hope you drink well, drink what you like and always drink responsibly.

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