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#33-#35 the Mexican Fiesta

Well the wife and I wanted to go somewhere warm this winter and due to scheduling conflicts it wasn’t going to happen for a few months. SO, I came up with the idea to cook some spicy mexico inspired dishes and have some guests for a fiesta of sorts. And what washes down spicy food better than beer right? Food spread was nice, there was fish tacos, mexican lasagna, mexicali stew (a homemade recipe) with a bunch of spicy salsa’s and guac. Accompanying the food was a nice selection of imported beer.

So where did I start? Somewhere south of the border in the land of the dancing jalapeno?

#33 Carib by Carib Brewery from Trinidad and Tobago

What?? This is supposed to be a Mexican fiesta, not a Caribbean party. That said I started with this one because I needed something to cook with. 1/2 went in the stew and 1/2 went to me.
This is a really crisp lager that has little aftertaste. It goes down really easy. It has a much more substantial beer taste than most imports south of the border (IE corona), so it regularly makes an appearance in our fridge when we are feeling like having said kind of beer.

#33 Carib

The evening progresses and I switch it up. Time for the real deal mexican style.

#34 Cerveza Pacífico Clara

This is my 2nd favorite Mexican beer. It is a crisp lager with little to no aftertaste. Like the Carib it has a substantial beer flavor, but the easy drinkability you’d expect from a  nice lager beer.

#34 with a sombrero is Cerveza Pacifico Clara

When someone offers to get me a beer I often say yes, but when asked which kind of beer I like to say “dealers choice” to make them think a bit. The next beer I had was one of those.

#35 Bavaria Beer from the Netherlands

I’m going to save the writeup for this for one of my BFTP series posts.

Drink responsibly everyone

EDIT: These beers are either available at merecroft village or government liquor stores. And here’s what the table looked like, there were Sol’s there but I missed out. Also the food is actually in the kitchen as we had 10 adults so we served it buffet style.

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