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Leapbeer Report – Cooking With Beer

I am a fan of cooking with beer. Sure you may say “But of course, you’re a beer blogger.” However I’ve been cooking with beer for quite some time. One of my favorite applications of cooking with beer is using the sugars and starches in it to cut back on the acidity with dishes that include cooked tomatoes. I used to suffer from chronic heartburn, making things like tomato based pasta sauces and most non cream based soups a recipe for an instant flare up. I don’t remember where I saw it, perhaps it was from an episode of Good Eats (my favorite cooking show), but the host was explaining that when you cook with tomatoes that adding a sugar source, whether it be actual sugar or wine or beer, will cut back on the acidity. Ever since then, which was over 10  years ago now, I’ve been adding beer into all sorts of cooking. I find in pasta sauce it is an absolute must. I even won my wife over to the cause.

I chose to cook and share with you one of my home made recipes. This dish started as a real mash up of ingredients we had lying around in our apartment. I’ve cooked it many many times, and each time it’s been a little bit different. I wholeheartedly encourage tinkering with this recipe. It’s one that lends itself well to experimentation. Without further adieu, I present to you, my Mexicali Stew.

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Leapbeer Review #102 Fullers ESB

Tonights beer is another Fuller’s product, their Extra Special Bitter.

It pours to a lovely amber colour with a 1cm head. Smell of sweet fruit on the nose. The taste is like the other ESB’s I’ve had so far, and one of the tops so far. It has a near caramel flavour from the malts followed by a nice bitterness. I’m drinking this from the fridge, but I gather it’s also a beer that’d be good when consumed at 10c as well. It leaves a nice lacing in the glass and it’s a lovely bitter to drink. Its a good beer that I’d absolutely get again.

#100 is Fullers Extra Special Bitter

This seems like too short of a post, so I thought I’d share a story with you. I went prawning in Okeover Inlet the other day. In more than one of the strings we caught several of what are called ‘squat lobsters’. They have little actual meat to them so they aren’t worth keeping. I’d never heard of them before so I took a picture of them. Here it is. For reference their body is about the size of a grape.

I’m sure with a full trap of them you’d get enough food for a couple, but I just threw them back. Strange creatures of the sea indeed.

Thanks for reading folks. As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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