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Leapbeer Review #138 Revolution Russian Imperial Stout by Propeller Brewery

This review is one I was eager to try because I had an idea about it. Because my review of their London Style Porter made me rethink how I drink beer, by it improving when I drank it warm, I totally intended to do the same with this beer.

A little digging on their website yields some great information on this beer. I was kind of shocked to see it is a 60 IBU rating. Its natural for most beer drinkers to compare a stout with Guiness. And, while I’m a fan of that beer, I believe that it is a ‘warm blanket’ of a stout. There’s always room for more bitter in my beers. Another thing I’d like to note about this is that the website for this brewery is great. There’s so much information on it. I’d love to see more sites packing in that much information. Good on you, Propeller brewing.

This beer pours to a deep deep black colour with a mocha coloured head. I purposefully poured this to a large head on it. It took about 10 minutes before it dissipated. There is a thick tan coloured lacing left in the glass where it was.

Initial tasting, cool direct from the fridge. This beer smells of rich malts and licorice. It tastes super smooth. The beginning of the sip of this beer is ubersmooth, but it finishes surprisingly bitter. The bitterness in this beer really lingers in your mouth. It sits in all corners and on my tongue. Even though it sits there, in all its bitter glory, it still remains quite drinkable. This goes down shockingly easy.  I get all the licorice and deep maltiness. The bitterness is really present. The one note I’m not getting in the cold tasting is the dark fruit notes. Time for me to let the other 1/2 of the bottle to sit and acclimate to room temperature.

Room temperature tasting time. I was a little worried that I’d get to do this because my lovely spouse decided to pilfer some of my beer. I had about 2/3 of my glass left in the bottle, phew. Warmer this stout really comes alive in the scent department. I really get the rich maltiness in it, plus also a hint of currant. The other thing that I get in the warm tasting is the bitterness. It is super amplified when consumed warm, shockingly bitter. Someone plugged this in to a marshall and turned it to 11. The Double album, bitterness comes alive! This is a big bold stout in every way.

Personally I preferred it cold, but it is a very great beer. I want to thank Propeller for turning me onto this beer after they read my review of their London Style Porter.

This beer comes from a 500ml bottle at a strength of 8.0% ABV. I also have a 2nd bottle of this presently engaged for another project I’m working on for later in the year. The beer geeks will know what I’m eluding to, but I’m gonna keep it under wraps for now.

Leapbeer #138 is Revolution Russian Imperial Stout by Propeller Brewing

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Leapbeer Review #63 London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company

The next beer sent into the leapbeer journey is London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company. I’m going to do two different tastings, one from fridge cold and another at room temp. The bottle says to keep refrigerated, but some comments on their site say to serve at room temp.

This is a porter pours to a near jet black. On to the taste.

On first notice the beer when cold seems good. A slight hint of licorice on the nose. I quite like the taste. It doesn’t taste of licorice, thats the smell. The taste is more dark roasted malt with a bitter back. Their is definite hops, albeit muted by the malt. The site lists this at an IBU of 39 which should place it middle of the road on the bitterness scale. I don’t really see that myself. I was told that a 39-45 is the same bitterness of say Phillips Hop Circle or most craft brew IPA’s. This is seemingly less bitter than a hop circle in my opinion. Perhaps I’ll have to test that and see. I’m gonna let the beer sit out of the fridge now so it can warm up and I can resume review.

So I let the beer sit for a while to acclimate. And that faint smell I got when cold is very present. In fact all the flavours are more pronounced. The malted hops have a real caramel-esque taste and the hops gives you a nice bitter slap at the end. This is definitely a beer that deserves to be served at the right temp. Unlike others that I didn’t like cold but did like room temp, this one is good both ways. That said, it is so much better when served at 13c.

Please do yourself the favor and drink this at room temperature if you’re adventuring into the weightier waters of porter beers. I highly recommend this drink, when right its fantastic.

#63 in the Leapbeer Journey, London Style Porter by Propeller Brewing Company

I’m gonna end this post with a quote.
“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin

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