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Leapbeer Review #173 Summer Haze Honey Hefe by Hoyne Brewing Company

While my visit to the Hoyne brewery was short during my last trip to Victoria (Sean was sick and couldn’t talk) I was quite excited to see them putting the labels on the Summer Haze Honey Hefe. It was right around the time I’d tried a couple of other really good hef’s. It’s also been released that the honey used in this beer is from the beehives located atop Victoria’s landmark , the Fairmont Empress. I was excited to give it a try. This is only the sixth beer released by Hoyne. You may think that this makes them a newcomer to the Victoria beer scene, but you’d be wrong. Sean Hoyne, brewmaster and owner has been active in the Victoria beer scene for over 2 decades (http://hoynebrewing.ca/#about) before he struck out on his own. And now he’s putting his name on it, literally.

This is a deeply golden beer with a fluffy white head on it. It smells like a hef, but very very lightly. When you drink it it tastes stronger than I’d expect. There’s a strong aftertaste to it as well. You definitely get a taste of honey sweetness with the wheat. But the honey flavour has some gravitas to it, more like the honeycomb instead of the honey. This is the strongest beer flavoured hefeweizen I’ve had this year, but its not my favorite. It isn’t your standard hef, as it isn’t as light and airy as you’d maybe expect. It isn’t my favorite hefeweizen so far this year, but it is very good.

Leapbeer #173 is Summer Haze Honey Hefe by Hoyne Brewing Company in Victoria BC.


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Leapbeer Review #106 Wheat King Hefeweizen by Phillips

So I was down in Victoria a couple of weeks ago and while at Vintage Spirits I spied out this beer in the ice bucket up front. From the looks of how beat up it was I’m guessing it was fairly old. I do really like this style of beer plus I’d never had it before, so I had to give it a try.

I poured it into my super deep hefe glass, and it pours to a lovely cloudy golden hue with about a 1cm head. Its of note as well that as this beer has active yeast in the bottle I did the inverted pour method for it. You really get the smell of the yeast in this beer. It also has the scent of banana. This beer is a tasty wheat beer. I’m guessing it’d be even better if I was able to get it closer to brewing as this beer has a lot of sediment in the glass. I hope they produce it again this year as I’d love to compare my thoughts. It’s still a very tasty beer.

#106 is Wheat King Hefeweizen by Phillips Brewery

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