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Leapbeer Review #132 Devil’s Dream IPA by Hoyne Brewing Company

This next beer is again from Hoyne Brewing Company in Victoria BC. My last review of their Hoyner Pislner went well, so I went back to that well. The Devils Dream India Pale Ale finds its way to the leapbeer glass today, and here are my thoughts about it.

The label art again has a very interesting style to it, giving me thoughts of Charlie Daniels ‘Devil went down to Georgia’. The side of the bottle has a little tale on it illuminating the tale to the image. “Here”s to Daniel Lapp, Oliver Schroer, ELH, and all great fiddlers. Libation and music, like the tumultuous marriage of malt and hops, stand waiting with us at the crossroads. And look: here comes the Devil, whistling past the graveyard, singing in the midnight choir, bottle in one hand, a fiddle in the other, and that crazy smile…”

This beer pours to a copper/amber colour with a 1cm lemon sherbet coloured head. This is another iteration of the hopped up pacific northwest IPA that reminds people of grapefruit. This one smells great, like grapefruit rind(ish) hops. When you drink it there is a very powerful bitterness to it. It has flavours similar to grapefruit and piney gin coming from the hops in this one. Their site notes that it’s a combination of Simcoe, Citra, Centennial and other hops that delivers this bouquet. They definitely strike the right chord in this beer, making for a tasty beverage.

Leapbeer #132 is Devils Dream IPA by Hoyne Brewing Company in Victoria BC

I know this is yet another IPA review here, but believe me I’ve got many different styles to try. This just happened to be the one I grabbed from the fridge tonight. Also a side note going back to the other review of the Hoyner Pislner, their beers all have little stories on the side. Like the one I copied on the top thats on the side of this bottle they’re all a bit enlightening about the beverage you’re about to consume. While this upstart young brewery only has 5 beers out so far, the ones I’ve had were all good. I look forward to what they release in the future.

Thanks for reading, please enjoy responsibly. Drink Craft, Molson/Labatt/Miller/Anheuser-Busch don’t need anymore money to feed their delusions.

Leapbeer Review #127 Hoyner Pilsner by Hoyne Brewing

It is nice to be back drinking and reviewing Vancouver Island craft beers. I really liked my trip away, but it’s been too long since I tasted the sweet nectre that is VI craft beer. Tonights selection comes again from Hoyne Brewery in Victoria BC. It’s the 2nd Hoyne in the leapbeer journey, Hoyne Pilsner.

This pilsner smells delicious. It pours to a deep golden colour with a frothy white head. It smells like any great pilsner should. It’s of note that I haven’t had a sip yet so these are just initial thoughts. I really hope it lives up to the hype I’m giving it. Before I could even get this out and a drop in my mouth my wife swindles the glass and takes the first sip. She says she likes it, so that is already boding well for me.

Time to drink. This pilsner is very refreshing and good. It has great carbonation which balances out the european hops. Pilsner Hops are known to somewhat attack the palate, and this beer is no different. The taste lingers in your mouth quite nicely. This beer is really tasty. It’s served from a 650ml bomber at 5.3% ABV. As you drink it, this beer leaves a lovely delicate lacing in the glass.

Leapbeer #127 is Hoyner Pilsner by Hoyne Brewery in Victoria BC

Thanks for reading

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