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Leapbeer Reviews #304-306 A Few Lighthouse Signature Beers

I realized a little while ago that, while I’ve been more than content covering the limited releases and new beers from my beloved Vancouver Island Breweries, I have unintentionally ignored the staple brands from these said breweries. I intend to do some rectifying of this situation, starting today.

Today I have a trio of, as fresh as I could get them (read: straight from the brewery) beers from the Lighthouse Brewing Company. These beers are available all year round, as well as in their mixer packs. They do a summer and winter mixer available in most government liquor stores in BC, as well as six packs of most of their beers, either cans or bottles. My friend Aaron shared a summer mixer with me earlier this year on a fishing trip, but I was too preoccupied to take notes on the beers.

Starting off I went with the Beacon India Pale Ale. This isn’t a super hop forward IPA like their delectable Switchback IPA, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty in its own right. It pours to a deep golden colour with an off-white head. I get a nice aroma from this beer of hops and grains, only mildly but still present. The real surprise was tasting the beer. It took my taste buds for a bit of a ride. Starts off a bit strong with a bitter punch, then it smooths out with malty goodness, followed by a bitter back. The rich maltiness is really accented well by the bitter notes.

Leapbeer #304 is Beacon India Pale Ale by Lighthouse Brewing Company

Lighthouse Brewing Company Beacon India Pale Ale

Lighthouse Brewing Company Beacon India Pale Ale

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Leapbeer Review #117 Keepers Stout by Lighthouse Brewery

My sister and head of leapbeer acquisitions delivered this beer along with a large parcel for the blog. This is one that she noted was a great beer that she really liked.

This beer pours to a deep black colour. As it pours a latte coloured head forms on top. It does dissipate after a while though. It smells of licorice and also smells really malty.

It tastes really good. It has a nice sweetness, and is a very refreshing stout. I could find this to be a great session stout, which I find strange as stout isn’t your usual stout beer. The taste really lingers on the palate. It stays with you even after the beer is gone. Too bad mine is gone, as I’d love another.

Their site suggests cooking with their stout, which is something I like. I love to cook with beer. I’ve always used beer in my tomato pasta sauce since it cuts the acidity really well.

Leapbeer #117 is Keepers Stout by Lighthouse Brewery

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