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Leapbeer #366 – All Good Things …

So here I am, a complete year of beer drinking in and I’m getting ready to put the wraps on this whole endeavor. I thought it would be fitting for me to end with a beer synonymous with Vancouver Island. Not far from where I grew up in a town called Cumberland, they hold a rather dubious distinction. They consume the most Lucky Lager per capita than anywhere else. It is also a staple up in my current home town of Campbell River. Because it is so synonymous with my area and the beer culture here, I felt it would be the right beer to close things on.

Lucky is a purely golden coloured beer with very little head to speak of, in fact it dissipated within minutes of pouring. The aroma is kind of strange, its a mix between sour cream and stale bread. It tastes overly sweet for a lager, with a really unpleasant ‘sour milk’ bitter aftertaste. I’m drinking it at maybe 7c so maybe I need to freeze it to make it a bit more palatable. Can says the beer was established in 1934. I’m not sure if thats when this can was made, but it kind of tastes like it.

Leapbeer #366 is Lucky Lager

Lucky Lager engineered in a Labatt Labratory somewhere.

Lucky Lager engineered in a Labatt Laboratory somewhere.

Brewery: Labatt brewed in a sewer somewhere
Size/ABV: 355ml Can/5.0% ABV
Gift from @jonbrophy
Website: http://www.labatt.com/brands/regionalbrands.php
Other Reviews: Beer Advocate, Rate Beer

Who am I kidding? I can’t end this wonderful journey drinking this swill. I’m going to put this the only place suitable for this putrescence.

Putting this crap where it belongs.

Putting this crap where it belongs.

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Tales of The Vancouver Island Craft Beer Creep – Part 1

You may be asking yourself what I could possibly mean by ‘craft beer creep’. Could I be talking about the guy at the bar leering from behind his chalice of porter? Perhaps this the guy who scoffs at your choice as you stand in the line of the liquor store with a 12 pack of Bud? Or is this that irritatingly outspoken person on the internet going off about how this years ‘hot beer’ isn’t nearly as good as it was last year? Or could it be something else, something completely different?

Pardon if I go a bit geeky on this next bit, but anyone who has played as the Zerg in the globally popular game Starcraft will have seen the term ‘Creep Colony’. For the uninitiated, a creep colony spreads out ‘creep’ on the play surface making it able to place new buildings on it, spreading out the species (the Zerg’s) influence on the game. (for more on Starcraft ‘creep’ see this link http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Creep )I’m using this analogy for craft beer because of a trend I am starting to see develop on Vancouver Island.

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