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Leapbeer Review #97 India Pale Ale by Propeller

Prologue: I apologize again to anyone who got this twice. Any more screw ups and I’m going to earn the ‘obviously amateur blogger’ award for 2012.

I was excited to find out that the lq I get most of my goods got in a couple of new Propeller products. I went in and picked up a 6 of the India Pale Ale and a couple of the Revolution RIS. I’ve heard good things about this brewery, and my one foray into their product was good. I look forward to trying both of these.

So tonight I’m going to start off with the India Pale Ale. It pours to a lovely golden colour with about a 1cm head on it. Not a big hit of hops on the nose, but its definitely there in the drinking. It tastes pretty good. It doesn’t have the citric hops the pacific north west breweries have gotten us used to. That said its quite refreshing. My glass is left with a nice lacing on the sides from this beer as well. It’s a 6.5% ABV so I’d rate it between a normal and strong beer. It seems low enough to be a session ale. When compared to what western canada thinks of a maritime IPA (keiths) this takes the cake in spades. I used to love that aforementioned beer, but now I understand where I was going wrong. This beer is definitely worth your time.

#97 is the India Pale Ale by Propeller Brewery in Halifax

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