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Leapbeer Review #70 Erdinger Weissbier

So after posting those beer pouring videos I really wanted to try that inverted pour trick. So I went to the LQ and picked up an Erdinger Weissbier, and went to my local megamart and bought some super tall beer glasses. For those of you wondering what pour I was talking about click here .

This wheat beer pours to a lovely cloudy golden colour with a nice fruity head on top. When I did the inverted pour I pulled the glass up too fast which lead to some initial spillage, but I stuck with it and it worked out alright. When it was near the bottom I gave the bottle a shake, like I had seen on other internet videos, and shook the last bit of the yeast onto the beer.

This beer tastes great. The head has a nice fruity scent to it. And as you pour it into your mouth it fills with the liquid and immediately carbonates on your palate. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of a good wheat beer. This one does not disappoint.

#70 in the Leapbeer Journey is Erdinger Weissbier

Its a very tasty beer, I highly suggest it .

‘Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy’ Benjamin Franklin

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