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Leapbeer Review #120 Bob’s Your Dunkel by Mt Begbie Brewery

Before I begin the review I want to mourn the loss of one of my Innis & Gunn tulip glasses. A good friend “accidentally” knocked it off the table and shattered it. It will be missed *sob*.

Time to drown my sorrows in beer, just kidding, but it is time to enjoy a beer.

Again I reach to a brew bought by my lead acquisitionist, Bob’s Your Dunkel (weizen) by Mt Begbie Brewery. This beer pours to a lovely cloudy milk chocolate colour. It smells of malt, hazelnuts and chocolate.

It tastes really nice. While the beginning of the taste is mostly rich malt, it gets interrupted with the bitter hop notes. There’s even a hint of orange and licorice in the bitter finish. It lingers for a bit, but it is lightly carbonated making it a good quaffer of a beer. Its surprising because it’s a heavyweight at 8.0%ABV.

Leapbeer #120 is Bob’s Your Dunkel by Mt Begbie Brewery

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