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Leapbeer Review #353 Valhalla Red IPA by Elysian Brewing Company

Elysian Brewing Company has a wonderful and hop forward series of beers called the “Manic IPA Series”. The most recent of this series is Valhalla Red IPA. This is an unapologetic hop forward red IPA. Not as potent as Lighthouses divine hop stormtrooper, Siren, but this beer is still an elite super agent fore the organization H.O.P.S.

Valhalla is a deep orange, near red beer with a 1cm cream coloured head on top. The aroma is pungent, citric hops are in the forefront then mingle with the malts bringing to the mind hints of marmalade. It was no surprise to me that this beer is a bitter forward beer. Flavours of pine and grapefruit are immediately on your tongue. Then it is followed by a momentary wash of sweetness, only to be followed up with more hops. The best way to describe the way this made my mouth feel is, imagine you’re eating grapefruit with some of the pith. This is not a balanced beer, they let the hops out and did not reign them back. As a hop head, I loved this beer. It’s available through this month from Elysian, and then the next on their Manic IPA Series is the sublime Idiot Sauvin (as per the website)

Leapbeer #353 is Valhalla Red IPA

Valhalla Red IPA from the Manic IPA series by Elysian Brewing Company

Valhalla Red IPA from the Manic IPA series by Elysian Brewing Company

Brewery: Elysian Brewing Company of Seattle WA
Size/ABV/IBU: 650ml Bottle/7.5% ABV/70 IBUs
Availability: Limited
Purchased @: Cascadia Liquor Store Courtenay
Website: http://www.elysianbrewing.com/beer/manicipa.html
Other Reviews: Beer Advocate, Rate Beer, Beerthirst

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Leapbeer Review #172 Naughty Nellie by Pikes Place Brewery

This next beer is one picked up a while back. I shared this with my wife and we both enjoyed it. This is the second Pike Brewing beer for the Leapbeer journey. They call it their “Golden Artisan Ale”, which is inspired the alt and Kolsch style beers of Northern Germany, mixed with the golden blonde ales of Belgium. Their website has great information as well. While the main page (http://www.pikebrewing.com/beers_PikeNaughtyNellie.shtml ) has a small blurb they also have a link to a ‘info sheet’ (http://www.pikebrewing.com/beers/pike_naughty_nellie_product_sheet.pdf) with a great breakdown of the beer. It has the malt varieties as Organic Pale, Munich, Carastan & Aromatic, and the Hops as Centennial and Cascade.

I poured us both a glass and prepared to enjoy. This beer did not disappoint. Named for Nellie Curtis, former madam of the Lasalle Hotel in Seattle, this naughty little minx is a tasty beer for sure. It smells mild, of malts and beer, but the flavour has a fruity quality to it. The fruitiness reminded me of under ripe pineapple. And besides being rated at 24 IBU’s this beers bitterness really sticks with you. We both enjoyed our glass of this beer I’d describe as a blonde golden ale with a hoppy kick.

Leapbeer #172 is Naughty Nellie Golden Artisan Ale by Pike Brewing Company of Seattle Washington

I have had some request to do more food pairings with my reviews, which I am trying to coordinate. Alas most of my tastings are done at night well after eating, so I can’t give notes on how it went. Thankfully the Pike Brewing people describe the flavour profile like this “Crisp and refreshing with mild fruity esters and soft malt charachter yet beautifully balanced, like a shardonnay or sauvignon blanc. Superb with salads, sandwiches and snacks.” (from their info sheet)

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Leapbeer Review #112 Apricot Unfiltered Wheat Ale by Pyramid Breweries

This is another sampling from my acquired haul from Viti, thanks again to Darcie & Kevin for picking this up. This is a very fruit flavoured (and scented) wheat beer.

It pours to a lovely cloudy orange colour. The scent of apricot is very heavy. It also seems very heavily carbonated. The taste is quite sweet, with a distinct apricot flavour. I guessed that they must use dried apricots to get such a concentration of flavour. There is no real bitter note to this beer, but the prolific bubbles crisply finish the taste. As I drink down on this it leaves very minimal lacing on the glass. Another note is that the sweetness is bordering on cloying by the end of the glass. It’s a refreshingly different beer, but I doubt I’d go back for a 2nd right away as it is very overpowering. It’s served from a 12oz (355ml) bottle at 5.1% ABV.

Leapbeer #112 is Apricot Unfiltered Wheat Ale By Pyramid Breweries (of Seattle, WA)

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