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Leapbeer Reviews #100 & 101 Golden Pheasant and Punk IPA

For my 100th I wanted to do a couple of special beers I’ve been sitting on. I was given a Golden Pheasant from a coworker and my lead acquisitionist picked me up some Brewdog Punk IPA’s from Vancouver. I really hope these beers will be good, as I’ve heard good things. We shall see. Besides getting the Punk IPA at Viti in Vancouver, I have no idea where to get the Golden Pheasant. It’s definitely not available in Campbell River or anywhere close to here. Lets dive into the beer.

The Golden Pheasant is a Slovakian beer. In Slovak it is Zlatý Bažant. I honestly have no idea how to pronouce that. Google translate says its “Zhla-tee Ba-jhant”. This is a Czech pilsner style beer served from a 500ml bottle at an ABV of 5.0%. It pours to a lovely golden colour with nice carbonation. I poured it with a fairly pronounced head, but it dissipated and left me with a hint of yeast scent. This is a lovely crisp pilsner that has a great ‘beer’ taste. You’d think that at this point I could come up with better descriptors than that, but its the best way I could describe this beer. It’s not overly bitter, not overly malty, It goes down very easy and its delicious. Big thank you to Frank for giving this to me. I love exclusives, and as we can’t get this here I’d call it that.

#100 is Golden Pheasant from Slovakia

Next I’m going to go with something I’m very excited about. For those who don’t know Brewdog Brewery is in Scotland. They have captured my attention as they are the producers of ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’ an Ice beer processed Imperial Stout that is the highest test beer available (32% WOAH!). This beer I got through my trusty helper is one of their staple beers, the Punk IPA. This is their ‘Uncompromising, Bold and Irreverent’ beer that has been well reviewed (by others). It pours to a lovely clouded golden/amber colour with a small head on top. One whiff of the top of my glass and I get a huge hit of citrus and fruit. It smells almost floral. The sip is just as intoxicating. I’ve said some lovely things about other IPA’s, and this one is extremely good. It has a real coating your mouth feel to it. It’s not as bold of flavour as it is of scent, but this is a lovely and easy drinking IPA. My wife says this tastes to her more like a Shandy than a beer, but I disagree with her. This is a great beer that I’m sure any hop head would enjoy. It’s not the best IPA I’ve had, but it is extremely satisfying.

#101 is Punk IPA by Brewdog

Thanks for reading this Leapbeer milestone, Next one is at #122.

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