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Leapbeer Review #181 Scorpion Double India Pale Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company

I’m attempting to decipher the difference between a double ipa and an imperial ipa. I inquired of my knowledgeable beer folks over twitter and they are the same thing. I was also told that Imperial is the preferred term. I assumed that the double mean the double I in when you shorten ‘imperial india pale ale’ to IIPA. Regardless of that, the IIPA’s/DIPA’s are a welcome hoppy sight to this beer drinker.

The Scorpion DIPA is a bold beer, as you may have guessed. Their label doesn’t lie. Although I think the inclusion of ‘Extreme’ may be a bit of an over statement.  It is a limited run by the Tin Whistle Brewery in Penticton BC. This beer pours to a golden/copper colour with a frothy white head on top. It smells super hopped. When you drink it the taste of it starts quite malty, then the bitterness builds gradually. It feels very thick in the mouth when you drink it. I do enjoy this beer, but it isn’t my favorite double india pale ale. Regardless of that I do think it makes for a tasty pint.

Leapbeer #181 is Scorpion Double India Pale Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company

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