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Leapbeer Review #164 Mill St Lemon Tea Beer

There’s been a fair amount of buzz this year behind a certain big box brewing company getting into an iced-t flavoured beer this year. While I do not doubt that their product is terrible, reflecting on this release gave me pause to wonder if a tea flavoured beer can actually be good. The only other tea inspired beer I’ve had was a chai variant, and the tea flavour barely made an appearance. I could hardly even notice it, in that beer. I knew that Mill st has produced a beer of this vein, so I decided to source one out for the Leapbeer journey.

This flavoured beer uses a wheat beer base for its fruity canvas. Wheat lends itself well to this because of its crisp finish and slight flavour profile. When you pour this beer you get a nice frothy unfiltered and cloudy beer with a white head on top that dissipates quite quickly. You get a slight scent of lemon when you sniff the head on this beer. As you may guess you get a good taste of tea in this beer. Its brewed with both Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe styles of tea. Remarkably you get both in the taste. Both the creaminess of the earl grey and the sharpness of the pekoe. And then they follow it up with a sharp tart lemon drop finish. It kind of reminds me of an Arnold Palmer, a half IceT half lemonade drink. This beer finishes nicely and goes down smooth, a great sessioner. I can see this being great for a hot day or while out at the beach.

I tried a couple of these cans. While they both tasted the same, one cane had tonnes of sediment in it. It really doesn’t surprise me when I see this in flavoured beers of this nature. I just thought it was worth mentioning that if you get one with sediment in it, it still tastes good. I realize the hardcore beer geeks out there may scoff at this being a beer that I liked, but I’m not a hardcore beer geek. It is a solid beer that I do enjoy.

Leapbeer #164 is Mill St Lemon Tea Beer by Mill St Brewery

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Leapbeer Reviews #80-82 Mill St Seasonal Sampler part 2

Continuing on from my last post, here’s the rest of the sampler. As I had posted before this 6 pack is comprised of 6 different beers making it great for a tasting blog like this. However if your blog site decides to eat your last draft containing the third review (like what happened to my tankhouse ale review), then there isn’t a secondary beer to re review with. I’ll chalk it up to experience. If down the road I find myself with another Tankhouse in hand I fully intend to post my notes about it.

The last three are comprised of The Stock Ale, the Coffee Porter, and the Franconian Bock. I intend to consume them in that order due to their likely flavour profiles (so I go lighter to stronger).

First up is The Stock Ale. This is a light golden ale. They list this as the “Ultimate Hockey Beer” or “Ultimate Cottage Beer”. I think that loosely translates to a west coast fishing beer if it were in a can. It is a nice tasting golden ale. However this is a super lightweight compared to even the organic lager. There is very little carbonation to speak of. While I could see enjoying this on a hot day I’m not really feeling it right now. Don’t get me wrong, this is light years better then anything the big boys are coming up with. Something about Molson reminds me about The Simpsons where all 3 styles of Duff all came from the same tap. But I digress. As they note on their site the only presence of the hops is a bit on the nose before you sip it. If you drank it straight from the bottle you’d likely miss it.

#80 is Stock Ale by Mill St Brewery

Next I went with the Coffee Porter. Jet black pour with a nice sized head on top. This beer has the added component of Balzac coffee to the flavouring. I’ve had a couple of porters on this journey so far, so I’m not sure what to expect so far. First sip, my impression is wow. The strength of coffee flavour is impressive. I’m a big time coffee drinker, so drinking this is a treat. I don’t get any hint of a scent on the nose with this beer. It finishes crisp and clean. I don’t know what else to say, thumbs up, I’m in. I love this beer. It is the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things, beer and coffee. If there was some way to mix bacon in I doubt I would consume nothing else.

#81 is Coffee Porter by Mill St Brewery

Lastly I have the Franconian Bock. This is a Doppelbock or a Double Bock. For more information about Bock beer’s check out this wikipedia link. This beer pours to a clear copper colour with a minimal head on it. The carbonation is almost non-existent to upon looking in the glass. You get a hint of the hops in the scent. When you sip it your mouth fills with a lovely rich malt flavour, followed by a hop bite. This goes down easier than a 7.7% beer should. I’m definitely a fan of it.

#82 is Franconian Bock by Mill St Brewery.

Well that concludes my review of the seasonal sampler by Mill St Brewery. Hopefully they’ll have a bit better distribution in my area when I get a hankering for one of their products in the future. I know I will, since they were mostly so good. My favorite of the bunch was the Coffee Porter and least was the Stock Ale, however they were all good beers. Just some were better than others. None of them seemed harsh enough to not be a quaffing or session beer. Even the Franconian Bock went down really easy. I haven’t had much exposure to this brewery before now, but they are definitely on my radar now. Well done Mill Street Brewing, I thank you for your work. It’s delicious.

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Leapbeer Review #77-79 Mill St Seasonal Sampler Part 1

So I picked up a the Seasonal Sampler from my local lq the other day. It’s a great sampler of 6 different offerings from Toronto’s Mill St Brewery. It’s a perfect little acquisition for the leapbeer journey. Let’s begin shall we.

So I open it up and find the following. A coffee Porter, A Franconian Ale, A Tankhouse Ale, An ESB, An Organic Ale and a Stock Ale.

I decided to start with the Extra Special Bitter or ESB. This beer pours to a deep amber with a minimal head. It smells of sweet malts. Their site has some interesting information. It states there that the malt and hops are imported from England, as Bitter is a popular beer style from over there. The taste of it is really nice. It has medium carbonation, and the sweets and bitters are balanced perfectly. I quite like it. Their info also hints that the lingering taste is of chocolate and black currants. I don’t quite pick that up but it does leave a taste of fruit on the palate. At a relatively low ABV 4.6% and a 341ml serving size this is a perfect quaffer (or session beer if you will).

#77 is ESB by Mill St Brewery

If you are a fan of this style of beer, I definitely recommend it.

Secondly I decided to go with the Organic Lager. It has a light scent of yeast on the nose. Its golden hue is very inviting, and the taste as well. It is definitely more than your usual lager fare. It has a real ease going down, a definite quaffer. It finishes crisp. The ABV of 4.2% may seem low, but this is no ‘light’ beer. Reading on the bottle this actually takes 2 to 3 times longer to make than most regular beers, and it shows it in the fine arrangement of flavours. A great beer no doubt.

#78 Organic Lager by Mill St Brewery.

I went on from there to the Tankhouse Ale. This is a delightful pale ale that pours to a deep copper/amber colour. It has very complex malts and a crisp hop finish. I’d love to say more about this beer, but my previous notes got deleted by my blog software. I guess I should’ve had a backup. If I find this again down the road I’ll do a BFtP post about it to give it its proper due. It is definitely a tasty beer.

#79 is Tankhouse Ale by Mill St Brewery

So ends the first part of my review of the Mill St Seasonal Sampler. Unfortunately these beers aren’t available in my area any other way than in this sampler. Thankfully they have some very on-the-ball reps that respond to emails after hours to let me know that the Strathcona Beer and Wine in Victoria carries their beers. As that town is a prime destination for my leapbeer journey this wannabe Van Isle craft brew complete-ist will be sure to go there to restock.

Thanks for reading & Drink Responsibly

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