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Leapbeer Review #136 Bavarian Styled Doppel Weizen by Lagunitas

This next review is one that I got from O’hares in Richmond. I can’t say enough about how good the selection of that beers that store has. It is great.

This is a weizenbock or a strong wheat beer. Beeradvocate describes the style of beer like this; “A more powerful Dunkel Weizen (of “bock strength”), with a pronounced estery alcohol character, perhaps some spiciness from this, and bolder and more complex malt characters of dark fruits.”

It pours to a cloudy amber colour. It smells of sweet yeast and wheat. I pick up a hint of dried fruit, like apricot. When I taste it I get something strange going on in my mouth. The way the carbonation of this beer washes around the centre of my mouth. Then the taste of the beer sits around the periphery of it. The sweetness sits down in the back of my mouth, beneath my tongue. There isn’t a lot of bitterness to this beer. It is a very meaty (9.0% ABV) beer and it acts its weight. You can really only sip this beer. Malty and sweet, this weizenbock packs a punch.

Leapbeer #136 is Bavarian Styled Doppel Weizen by Lagunitas of Petaluma, California.

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