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Leapbeer Review #64 Well’s IPA by Wells & Young’s Brewing Company

So I acquired a 4 pack of these tallboys at my local lq store. I was impressed with the quality of the Courage Directors Ale that I wanted to get this for a review, and for a future en devour.

It pours quite a bit darker than most basic IPA’s I’ve tried. While it is a darker IPA it isnt so much a more profoundly flavorful one. The scent on the nose is almost farm like. Like a veggie garden or something. I did a bit of research on Beer Advocate about this and it is a similar comment/complaint about this beer. The taste isn’t bad. That said it is not the hoppy IPA that I’ve had a run of lately. I can hardly compare this beer to the Imperial IPA or the Fat Tug (I heart u fat tug). If I wanted to compare it to a more commonly accessible IPA I’d say it is more between an Alexander Keiths IPA and a Hop Circle IPA by Phillips. There is a hops taste in it, but I get it more from the beer burp than the beer itself. This beer also seems to be quite carbonated.

I am enjoying this beer, and I look forward to seeking out more of these brewers releases.

Here’s #64 Wells IPA by Wells & Young’s Brewing Company of the UK

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Leapbeer Out!

Leapbeer Review #62 Courage Directors Ale

Time for another import on the leapbeer journey tonight. This one hails from Wells & Young’s of Bedford UK.
You’ll notice from the picture that this beer looks a lot like the Squire Scotch Ale that was last reviewed. It has nearly the same colour. The taste is almost completely different.

This is a bitter style ale. From chilled it has a hint of hops on the nose, a mild flavor to start followed by a bitter punch at the end. I don’t intend to do this with all of my tastings, but since this is a british beer I’m going to try it at room temp as well. It still has a floral hint that you smell. The initial flavour is very mild still. The finish on it, however, is way more pronounced. The blend of malt and bitter is really refreshing. As a thick headed Canadian boy I’ve always scoffed at serving beer at room temperature. But trying this at 13c I can honestly say that it is better. This is the second time I’ve been schooled by my beer choice.

#62 is Courage Directors Ale

With this post I’m officially 16.9% complete on the leapbeer count in just over 15% of the year. I’ve got a decent start on the year, but I don’t want to slow down because I know there will be some time gaps coming up.

This post seems a bit short so I’m gonna throw in a picture of our new ginger kitten. We named it Macaroni before we realized its a she.

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