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Leapbeer Review #151 Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine Ale by Russell Brewing Company

This next beer was one picked up for me from Viti and I was very excited to get it into the Leapbeer fridge. It was a limited edition beer released earlier this year. It is a Wheat wine ale aged in Tennessee Whiskey barrels.

I poured it into a large wine glass, and it filled it with a rich amber/ruby coloured beer with a 1cm head on top.

This beer really smells like wine, like grapes and other fruit. It smells like a very malty wine. However the taste is different flavour compared to the other barley wines I’ve had. The aging in the whiskey barrels adds a depth and richness to the malt notes. And when you sip it you get hit by the whiskey flavour right near the end. I’ve read that you must like whiskey to enjoy this brew, and I’m prone to agree with it.

It’s rated at a 70 IBU bitterness rating, but it isn’t a pronounced hop-like bitterness. It comes out more in a feeling of thirst that you get as the beer dissipates in your mouth.

Leapbeer #151 Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine Ale by Russell Brewing

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